Village Cohousing Community
Village Cohousing Community

Meet Our Members

Meet Julie! 

Once my kids were grown and I considered downsizing, I thought about options that simultaneously fostered community connections and independence. I had reflected on the value of living in co-housing for years before I decided to take action and put my name on a waitlist. I was excited to discover that there was a place open at VCC, and the more I learned about the community, the more enthusiastic I became! So in March 2022, I purchased a townhouse and became the newest member of VCC, along with my dog and cats. I love the neighborhood because it is close to work, lakes and parks, bike trails, restaurants and cafes, hospitals, shops, and libraries. The community has a beautiful design, with a lovely shaded courtyard, gardens, and spacious common house. The members of the community have been warm and welcoming, and I love sharing meals and happy hours as well as chores-- like cleaning, mowing, and gardening--and the joint decision making model. It is also nice that the community is inclusive and has a wide age span, from children to people in their 90s. It is a plus that the common house has guest rooms and a commercial kitchen so my grown up kids can stay with me when they visit, and we can cook together with plenty of space or grill out on the patio. In addition, community members help each other in times of need, like caring for each other's pets during travel or bringing meals over when someone is sick. It is wonderful to be part of the VCC community!

Meet Mel & Eddie!

Mel: When I first toured VCC, I had no idea what cohousing was and was a little apprehensive. But as I learned more about VCC, I realized how firmly cohousing aligns with my values. I moved in a few months later, and it was the best choice I could have made. I was working a high-stress job at the time with thousands of other overworked young people. Coming home each evening to my slower-paced, multi-generational community felt like a daily gift. I really love spending time with my neighbors during happy hours, potlucks, and social events. And I was thrilled when I met my now-husband Eddie, and he fell in love with VCC, too.


Eddie: Like Mel, I’d never heard of cohousing and was skeptical at first. But I had a “Disney” moment that changed everything. Mel and I had arranged to buy patio furniture from Facebook Marketplace, but it was going to be a struggle fitting the pieces into our two-door hatchback. Mel emailed VCC asking if anyone had bungee cords, in case we needed to tie anything down. Minutes later, community members popped out from front doors and balconies, offering us their bungee cords. Then, our neighbor just tossed us the car keys to her Subaru. We got the patio furniture in one trip, and I realized how powerful it is to live in a community that cares about you.


Meet Jim & Karen! 

Karen: I became involved in organized cooperative living during college, at an International Co-op House. Living in a community with neighbors is a natural way of life for me. I’m thankful for the ways we work together to keep our physical property in decent shape, our outdoor gardens flourishing, our community meetings thoughtful and purposeful. I’m thankful for the ways we share our joys and our challenges. I enjoy our family atmosphere with all ages represented.


Jim: Well, I married into Village Cohousing about 24 yrs ago! I don’t think I knew quite what to expect because I enjoy my quiet time. I like helping my neighbors with their computer problems, eating good food and visiting at our potlucks and parties, and movie nights. I like we get to know our neighbors and it’s fun when one of our best friends moved in next door! Our home is shared with our kitties Guthrie and Harry. I like helping to take care of our neighbor’s pets and they do the same for our two guys.

More member profiles coming soon!

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