Village Cohousing Community
Village Cohousing Community

VCC's Mission Statement

We choose to live in cohousing so that we may nurture ourselves, each other, our relationships with neighbors and the wider community.


We create and sustain our village with a sense of practicality and aesthetics - in ways that express a sense of place and an intention to live in harmony with the environment.


We strive to live in ways that nourish the spirit of community, yet respect individual needs for privacy.
We seek to: reflect and respect diversity; to honor our connections to the land and locale; to make decisions in general by consensus; to negotiate differences in a principled fashion; and to share the daily and weekly work of keeping things going.
We believe that the creation of this community is a process that is evolving and will continually evolve as we evolve as we grow and learn from one another.



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Village Cohousing Community
1104 Mound St.
Madison, WI53715

Phone: (608) 251-3341


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